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Desktop Metal

3D Printing

Desktop Metal aims to reinvent the way 3D printed metal parts are produced. By partnering with leading experts in materials science, engineering, and 3D printing, the company's focus on making metal 3D printing more accessible for engineering teams.

Management Team

Ric Fulop CEO and Co-Founder
Jonah Myerberg Co-Founder and CTO
Rick Chin Co-Founder and VP of Software Development
Ely Sachs, Ph.D. Co-Founder
Christopher A. Schuh, Ph.D. Co-Founder
A. John Hart, Ph.D. Co-Founder
Yet-Ming Chiang, Sc.D. Co-Founder
Steve Billow President
Mike Rubino CFO
Peter Schmitt, Ph.D. Chief Designer

Notable Investors

Funding Information