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Cerebras Systems Inc.


Founded in 2016, Cerebras Systems is working to build a new class of computer system that accelerates artificial intelligence by orders of magnitude beyond the current state of the art. The Cerebras CS-1 is designed to accelerate deep learning in the data center.

Management Team

Andrew Feldman Co-Founder, CEO
Gary Lauterbach Co-Founder, CTO
Tony Maslowski VP, Chief Financial Officer
Dhiraj Mallick VP Engineering and Business Development
Vinay Srinivas VP Software Engineering
Will Hall VP of Sales
Sean Lie Chief Hardware Architect, Co-Founder
Michael James Chief Architect of Advanced Technologies, Co-Founder
Jean-Philippe Fricker Chief System Architect, Co-Founder
John Turk VP Operations and Customer Support
Andy Hock Senior Director, Product Management

Funding Information