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Combining the Best of Venture Capital & Equity Crowdfunding

MicroVentures is one of the first Venture Capital Investment Banks. We do what venture capital firms do and more. We find startups that may have incredible potential, perform complete due diligence, and enable our investors to purchase an equity stake in these companies through our online equity crowdfunding portal, often with as little as $3,000.

We take the best parts of Venture Capital (connections, research, deal flow, mentoring, money management) and combine it with the best aspects of Crowdfunding (open access, ease of use, diversification) to give investors the best of both worlds.

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Over $85M Raised on Our Platform

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How We Add Value & Attempt to Reduce Risk

  • Expertise

    Equity crowdfunding is a continually evolving space. We started raising capital for startups in 2011. Since then we have made over 160 investments and raised over $85M. We have led investment rounds and have had successful exits in both early and late stage investment opportunities.

  • Broker-Dealer

    We are a FINRA registered broker-dealer specializing in equity. In fact, every single employee who deals with the customer investing – from the Founder, to our investor relations team – has their Series 7 license and can discuss equity crowdfunding, investing in startups, and online investment opportunities.

  • Selectivity

    Most equity crowdfunding platforms will take any startup they can get. We pick what we believe are the best startup investment opportunities to present to investors. It's easier to get into Harvard than it is to get listed on MicroVentures (Harvard has a 5% acceptance rate; we have a 1% acceptance rate).

  • Due Diligence

    Everyone knows that startup investing is risky. But it's currently much riskier than it needs to be since most equity crowdfunding platforms simply don't do any research or due diligence into the companies they list. MicroVentures completely rejects that idea. Every company we feature has been through multiple rounds of due diligence and professional analysis by our experienced financial team.

  • Customer Service

    Even with all of our due diligence, startup investing is very risky. We want to help you in any way we can to understand if an investment is suitable for you. In fact, we love helping investors so much, our phone number is on the site. It actually works – call it and one of our licensed representatives will pick up and talk to you about anything you want.

  • Access

    Equity crowdfunding platforms may begin to accept non-accredited investors as a result of new JOBS Act Title III rules. However, MicroVentures has experience allowing non-accredited investors under other SEC regulations since 2011. In fact, we accepted non-accredited investors alongside venture capital investments for a portfolio company that was later acquired.

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